Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 Trailer Videos Copied, Inspired From Ram Charan, Jr NTR’s RRR & Hollywood Mad Max: Fury Road? Artist Selects… (Image Credit – Images from RRR, Tiger 3, Mad Max: Fury Road (DVV Entertainment, YRF, Warner Bros Pictures)

The trailer of Tiger 3 was released a few days ago, and since then, Salman Khan’s fans have not been able to keep quiet. From the memorable seeti-maar of Ek Tha Tiger with a Bhai-back silhouette to Katrina Kaif’s bath towel sequence, social media has been abuzz with discussions around the film.

But, but, that’s not why we’re here! It is because of the ‘inspiration’ (for lack of a better word) statement that has been placed on the film when the artists begin to put it on the screen and the frame.

Yes, the trailer will remind you of many other movies, be it Indian or Hollywood, because we have seen many filmmakers not only trying this kind of action but Secret as well. Movies like RRR and Mad Max: Fury Road are two of the movies that have been mentioned on the television about the action shots shown in the trailer.

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What are those fireworks? Let’s go deep into the details to know more about the same.

The first part we will discuss is the one that comes with Tiger 3’s title card, showing Salman Khan’s Tiger swinging on a rope to escape an explosion that occurs on a bridge behind him. Although it was a clean shot, with no half-baked VFX, this has been compared to the one from RRR where Jr NTR’s Bheem saves a child from a river and explodes in the background.

Now, of course, not everything is exactly the same, but the template and the bones of the scene are the same, and no, we didn’t come up with this. Graphic Design expert KibaKibi has said this in his latest video where he shares the VFX breakdown of the Tiger 3 trailer.

Skip to minute 14 of this video to see what he said:

Before posting this article, we saw that he shared another video talking about Katrina Kaif’s towel scene and more. In this video, he explains how people are drawing parallels between the opening scene of the Tiger 3 trailer and the one in Mad Max: Fury Road.

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The open scene that we can see behind Salman Khan reminded KibaKibi and many others of a very similar scene in Mad Max: Fury Road. A Graphic Designer agrees that it looks similar to it, and even the color scheme matches it. Copied? Inspired? In any case, we know that Bhai is coming to wreak havoc at the box office with Tiger 3, and all these things will not matter in the long run.

Check out the first minute of this video to see what this scene looks like:

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