As with anything “free,” there is a catch. Or, in this case, family. The first way to activate free ads on Temu is to refer and invite friends, who must download the app, create an account, and use your referral code within 24 hours of creating the account for it to work. Referral codes for new subscribers aren’t the only way to get free stuff. You can also use the occasional coupon or play games on the mobile app to try and win freebies.

That said, there are a number of caveats to consider before filling your cart with $0 items. Some free lists are listed as being available only to new users, and the website says that orders with many free items “will be free” (but it’s not clear what those might be). free or what may not be free, how much free. thing or things will reach that point, etc.).

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It is also unclear whether the free shipping advertised on this website will apply to these purchases. The fine print says it offers free shipping on “eligible orders” but doesn’t specify the eligibility criteria – apparently, it’s tied to the type of item (size, weight, whether it has batteries, etc.) . The Shipping Info page does not add clarity.

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