Ford, which announced its plans to rebuild MCS in 2018, will open up its facilities to other companies working on the project. Of course, Google is a founding member of Michigan Central and hopes to attract new talent to the emerging technology and automotive sector.

Ford is no stranger to drones. At its Dagenham Engine Plant in the UK, the company has already deployed drones in hard-to-reach areas where human monitoring would take too much time, effort, and resources. At its new campus located near the historic train station, the company hopes to “provide open, shared tools that support the development of the drone industry and ensure safety in the air and on the ground.”

The main goal is to achieve continuous Visual Line of sight (BVLOS), a task that is awaiting approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). BVLOS is said to be the biggest hurdle in the commercialization of drone-tethered technology, as it could allow aerial vehicles to travel greater distances and increase their performance without human intervention.

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