Heavy Golden Bachelor spoilers

“Golden Bachelor” fans believe a TikTok video clue will reveal who Gerry Turner will choose for the final rose. Stop reading if you don’t want to read a potential spoiler!

As fans know, Turner, 72, narrowed the decision down to New Jersey grandma Theresa Nist or Minneapolis dancer Leslie Fhima after sending Faith Martin home. Martin then had a heartbreaking reunion with Turner on the Women Tell All special.

Who Turner ultimately chooses, however, is a closely guarded secret.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans insist they heard Gerry Turner laughing in Leslie Fhima’s TikTok video

Fhima shared the video on her TikTok page as well as Instagram on September 25, 2023. In it, she dances with her granddaughter to the song by Dua Lipa, “Dance the Night.”

According to Parade, fans believe the video provides a clue that Turner is choosing Fhima because “they swear they heard Gerry laughing in a recent TikTok video she posted.” Of course, it is not clear whether it is really Turner. There are just as many “Golden Bachelor” fans who believe Nist will get the final rose.

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“Dancing into the New Year with my granddaughter Kiki #shanatova,” she captioned the video, which shows her dancing with her granddaughter in an apartment.

One fan responded in the comment thread: “Hmmm, did I hear a little Gerry laughing behind the camera??? 🤔”

Another wrote: “That was definitely Gerry in the background!” Another fan insisted they heard Turner. “I hear this giggling too 😂 I wonder who it could be?? Lmao 🤣 ❤️ I love you Leslie, congratulations ❤️🔥,” they wrote.

And another wrote: “I definitely feel like I heard the laugh right…❤️”

Fans on TikTok also shared in the comment thread that they thought they heard Turner giggling in the background of Fhima’s dance video.

Leslie Fhima posts frequently on social media

Heavy/ABCLeslie Fhima meets Gerry Turner in “The Golden Bachelor”.

Fhima posts on Instagram quite frequently and most recently shared a throwback photo of her in an aerobics outfit. “Back in the 80s when I had my own aerobics studio! “So much fun to see this circulating around the internet,” she captioned her latest photo.

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She also recently posted about her niece.

Fhima also posted about her date with Turner in her hometown, writing, “Having Gerry in Minneapolis to meet my family was so special 🥰 💛🌹#thegoldenbachelor #bachelornation #teamleslie.” She shared a photo on October 24 with Turner and wrote: “I loved this date so much! It was very special to do an activity that Gerry is passionate about.”

On TikTok, Fhima shared videos about the show. On her TikTok page, she is described as a personal trainer. She has also shared other family-oriented videos, such as a video of her going to a Vikings game in Minnesota with family members.

Next week, “Golden Bachelor” fans will see Turner, Fhima and Nist travel to Costa Rica where they will have fantasy suites. Fhima has urged her TikTok followers to watch The Golden Bachelor and has published several Golden Bachelor-themed posts on the page.

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