The inline four, also called a straight-four, is one of the most popular types of gasoline engines. The four real-world examples include images of the Suzuki Hayabusa along with others made by BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha. You can find different types of motorcycles with inline fours and we only put a slot above the V4 because there are many options for buyers.

In terms of pros and cons, the mid-four is the same as the V4. They are heavier, more complex, and more difficult for home mechanics to work on than simple engines with fewer cylinders. They are also larger, which makes motorcycles larger. This is more of a problem on highways than on busy roads. Because they are so powerful, you only get four on high-powered motorcycles. They are very expensive, so they are not built or bought for beginners or intermediate riders.

For good, the mid-four is an excellent engine. Like the V4, it’s faster, sounds better, has less vibration than engines with fewer cylinders, and is more comfortable. These are the types of motorcycles you see flying up and down the street in dashcam videos on YouTube and TikTok. The aforementioned Suzuki Hayabusa set the world record for the top speed of a motorcycle at 194 mph back in 1999, and it used an inline four to do it.

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