In August, X user @Greggertruck posted photos and a short video showing two Cybertrucks involved in an accident. Considering that no Cybertrucks were sold, this should have been part of the factory test. In April, Tesla released a video through its official X account showing a Cybetruck crash test at one of its facilities, but the video cuts off before the time, and the time the video (released on April 1) shows. others question why it was released.

All of the Cybertrucks in the Greggertruck photos and videos suffered significant damage to the body and suspension, but the manufacturer has not made damage test data available yet.

A video on social media surfaced a few weeks ago that appeared to show a Cybertruck involved in a rollover accident; this one was also seriously injured.

But if Tesla hopes to stay on target to begin delivering the Cybertruck to customers in 2024, government crash testing must continue in earnest, and information must be made available to the public before then. Whether this means there’s another tommy gun or a hammer test remains to be seen.

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