In December 2022, the B-2 made an emergency landing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. The crew was able to walk to the ground unharmed, but firefighters worked to contain the plane. According to Air Force Times, the problem with the B-2’s systems began while the plane was still in flight – the details of the failure have not been disclosed.

It seemed that the event, luckily, was much bigger than it would have been. However, the world of aviation is not a place to take risks. Because of the crew and the plane (each of which has a budget of 1 billion dollars), it was necessary to investigate the cause of the accident to find out if the rest of the B-2 could be affected by this issue.

While this operation was in progress, the bombers remained steady. Commenting on the decision, Colonel Daniel Diehl of the Air Force told The Hill that “Our priority is the safety and security of our personnel and ships.”

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Since safety and security are of utmost importance, the military also stressed that they will continue to use the force as much as the B-2 will be retired. According to The Hill, the press secretary at the Pentagon, Brigadier General Pat Ryder, emphasized to the press that there will still be “aircraft, ships, forces on the ground to deal with any situation that … may arise. time.”

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