When Musk announced the launch of xAI in July, the company went with a bold statement of the goal of understanding the “real world of nature.” For now, the company is still in existence, with employees who have previously worked at OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Tesla continuing to work underground.

However, Musk seems focused on what xAI is building. “In some important respects, it’s the best that exists right now,” he wrote on X. Greg Yang, who leads xAI, says the AI ​​lab was developing a “theory of everything” for neural networks.

“AI will help everyone understand our mathematical universe in ways we couldn’t imagine before,” Yang said, which seems a little more vague than Musk’s claims about manipulating the physical universe. However, Musk – or his EV model Tesla – are strangers to AI.

Musk was on the founding team of OpenAI, while Tesla currently uses advanced machine learning to control its self-driving technology. Interestingly, not so long ago, Musk also signed a letter that asked to stop the development of advanced AI technology, mentioning the dangers to people. That said, it’s unclear if xAI will fall under that umbrella, or if Musk’s company has other plans for its artificial intelligence service.

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