Musk has not made a secret of his plans, and he continues to try to change your account. In a perfect world, the multi-billionaire social media giant is thinking of turning the company once known as Twitter into an app called whatever it is. Also called premium apps, these platforms – China’s WeChat being the most popular – exist as a one-stop shop for everything you do on your phone: send and receive messages, make calls, book appointments, play games, order. food, etc.

At the beginning of August, word appeared that Twitter, now X, is looking into the possibility of increasing the stock market. The move didn’t come as a surprise, as Musk began talking about his banking ambitions shortly after he found Twitter. In November 2022, the new owner of the company is said to have held a meeting with Twitter employees to discuss his idea, he says that the introduction of payments is a “transformational opportunity”. The plan he described at the time would include things like credit cards, instant money transfers, and loans, The Verge reported.

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This idea, like Musk himself, has proven to be controversial. Although many have said that they cannot trust X or its owner with their financial information, others have been strongly criticized, saying that it would be difficult to establish a service similar to WeChat in the US and Europe due to the current situation. rules and regulations.

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