Rogan then followed up, asking if there was a technological possibility that would allow solar energy to be converted into electricity in a way that required less space for solar panels. “No, it’s a kilowatt per square meter,” Musk replied. “That’s what you’ll get if you’re a regular in the sun, so 90 degrees in the sun.” When pressed again by Rogan, Musk replied, “that’s solar energy, so you increase your efficiency with that.”

“So if you have commercial panels, maybe 25% of the workers if they’re good,” he continued. “So you get 50 watts per square meter.” Rogan then remembered hearing something about a car that could use solar power to use things like a radio, apparently referring to Fisker’s ocean, but Musk didn’t answer directly. “There’s not enough space,” Musk said. “But you can run a house with solar. With the Tesla Solar Roof, you can run a house.” In a way, this led Rogan to ask again if it is possible to drive a car with solar energy, while Musk reiterated that cars did not have enough space for such an idea to be possible.

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