For those who are not very experienced cooks, the most important thing to think about may not be cooking at all. It can be a very reasonable and practical question: Which type of stove is usually more expensive?

Fixr says that, for a stove of the same dimensions, installing an electric stove is cheaper than installing a gas one (up to about $700 for the former compared to $1,260 for the latter). Of course, prices will vary greatly depending on where you live, the manufacturer you choose, etc., but installing a gas stove, which naturally requires natural gas, can be complicated and very expensive. The choice is no longer available.

However, over time, the operating costs are greater than the initial costs. The cost of using a central place every day in the kitchen like a stove, after all, is sure to rise quickly. ElectricRate estimates that working from an average hour of daily use, a gas stove will cost $7.50 per month of use, or $90 per year. For an electronic device, it’s $11 a month and $132 a year. Over a full decade, this would mean it would be about $420 cheaper to run a gas stove.

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With the cases of use, the costs used, etc. differ greatly, however, it is impossible to compare the facts, they are not calculated, and they are not always cheap.

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