Like most of Amazon’s devices, the Echo Show 8 Gen 3 will go on sale several times a year – and you can get one for the price, or even make Amazon lose a little bit on sales. To do this, Amazon uses this display and will use it to sell you products every time.

How this happens is very complicated. Between showing photos, jokes, and displaying Alexa features, the idling Show 8 will give you Amazon sales. Some of the items we saw included a plug for spray and shampoo bottles. Apps and TV shows produced by Amazon are also pushed, although these are available in most regions. You can ignore these ads, and they fit perfectly with the important information that appears frequently on the screen. However, it’s also possible to be disappointed when you see a device you paid $150 for in an attempt to give you cheap plastic junk. With Kindle, you can spend a lot of money and make the (highly recommended) ads go away forever. This should also be an option on the Echo Show, but it isn’t.

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Right now, pictures combined with calendar reminders and information about upcoming games are very useful. So the good outweighs the bad. It’s just another problem with a small problem, and it’s a simple solution that can be used to make the device work better.

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