Heavy/ABC Did Faith Martin spoil “The Golden Bachelor”?

Gerry Turner’s journey to find love again as The Golden Bachelor will soon be coming to an end, with only a few episodes left until the final rose ceremony airs. The episode airing Nov. 9 will feature the “Women Tell All” segments, but before then, Turner is expected to eliminate one of his final three women in pre-recorded footage.

Heading to the rose ceremony after his three dates in his hometown, Turner faces an extremely difficult decision. Now Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist remain, and he only has two roses left to hand out. The last thing viewers of The Golden Bachelor saw was him withdrawing from the ladies and suffering an emotional breakdown.

The two women who receive roses at the next rose ceremony will receive overnight dates in the Fantasy Suite. Soon after, Turner will likely eliminate another woman and choose the woman he wants to pursue a future with. Some fans think Martin just revealed something pretty revealing about her future with Turner.

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Warning! Big “The Golden Bachelor” spoilers ahead!

Faith Martin teased “The Golden Bachelor” fans on social media

On November 6, Martin posted two separate photos to her Instagram page. It didn’t take long for “The Golden Bachelor” fans to wonder if she had just revealed that she didn’t receive Turner’s final rose.

In the first Instagram post, Martin shared a photo of a man with long, flowing hair sitting on a motorcycle. “This man is beautiful inside and out! Just had lunch with him. What a beautiful soul! I love nice people,” she wrote in the caption.

One of Martin’s followers commented: “Predictions… I knew it!” This person said Fhima was the one to get Turner’s final rose instead.

“That’s not Gerry! 😂😮‍💨,” another added.

A second photo with her mysterious boyfriend sparked many questions

An additional Instagram post, in which the same gentleman posed next to Martin in a selfie, caused even more of a stir.

“The producers told her to post this to scare us off. OR she is the one who upsets us with her post. Good job Faith!!! I won? 😂,” one “Golden Bachelor” fan mused.

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One commenter suggested: “This is a classic ‘I’ll show him’ move… meaning she wasn’t chosen.” So sad. I like them together!”

Another note said: “Uh Faith…..🔥 You just caused a stir!!!”

“I hope he’s a new friend. You both look great together. 😂🔥,” explained one follower.

Martin did not appear to respond to any commenters or add any context to the posts. Some followers suspected that the man in both photos was her son and not a new romantic partner. Few seemed to recognize him as Brock O’Hurn.

O’Hurn’s IMDb page notes that he gained widespread attention after a Facebook post of his went viral several years ago. Since he first gained so much attention on social media, he has appeared in a few projects. He has several other acting projects in the works and is also a producer.

Martin may have posted the photos of O’Hurn to make The Golden Bachelor fans cheer. However, there are spoilers as to how far she makes it.

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According to an August 30 Instagram post from spoiler blogger and podcaster Reality Steve, Martin will be eliminated from the next rose ceremony.

The time Martin spent with O’Hurn may have been nothing more than a friendly encounter, but it seems to have caused a lot of speculation among viewers of The Golden Bachelor.

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