Yaariyan 2 Movie Review:

Starring: Divya Khosla Kumar, Yash Daasguptaa, Pearl V Puri, Meezaan Jafri, Warina Hussain, Priya Prakash Varrier, Anaswara Rajan

Leader: Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru

Yaariyan 2 Review (Image credit: IMDB)

Advantages: That it has been removed from Bangalore Days, it has what is happening!

Disadvantages: It ruins Bangalore Days. It feels like automatic reels are fanning in front of you with great music, but you can’t control it.

Saturday: No. I don’t want you to even look at this; breaks come after a while

Watch or not?: If you watch this movie even after reading this review, you need to take a very long breath

Available At: Bangalore dates available on Hotstar (free!)

Running time: Maximum Duration (2 hours 30 minutes)

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Well, before we go into detail about the art (Spoiler Alert: The poor ones!) of the film, let’s see what all this has in common with the Malayalam classic Bangalore Days because Meezaan Jafri has clearly denied that it is a copy. saying “When you watch the movie, you will know that it is completely different.” Bangalore Days is the story of 3 cousins, Divya, Aju & Kuttan, who go through difficult situations, and Yaariyan 2 has the same number of cousins ​​in Laadli, Shikhar & Bajju facing the same issues. In the OG trio, we have Aju as a biker, Kuttan as a software engineer & Divya getting married due to family pressure, which is also what happened.

Laadli (Divya Khosla Kumar), Shikhar (Meezaan Jafri) & Bajrang Das Khatri (Pearl V Puri), like the OG cousins, face similar problems in their lives with Laadli’s hardworking husband Abhay (Yash Dasgupta) not loving her after marriage. , Bajju falls for an air-hostess to hurt her heart & Shikhar struggles with the ban he faces which prevented him from running anywhere in the country legally. These are challenges taken from Bangalore Days and the same projects. Dear Meezaan: Do you still think this film is very different from Bangalore Days?

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Yaariyan 2 Review (Image credit: IMDB)

Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: Script Analysis

I watched this after Ganapath, so I apologize if I missed it because my brain cells were completely dead; I couldn’t find the author of the story because in the YouTube trailer, there is no mention of the Author, it is Screenplay & Dialogues directly. Because if they don’t see this as a remake of Bangalore Days, let us know who the genius writer is to come up with such an original idea.

This is the “copy the homework but change it a little bit,” Yaariyan 2 makes the worst change to meet the dumb kid who copied it and failed. The sudden change in Abhay’s character (played by Fahadh Faasil in OG), the bond between the three cousins ​​& other sequences prove the downfall of this version of an already popular story. Abbas-Mustan’s favorite cinematographer, Ravi Yadav, has set up the cameras and I want to ask him, “Bhai Sahab, yeh kis line mein aa gaye aap?”

The funniest part of the movie has to be the guy who asks “Tum vegetarian ho?” for Pearl V Puri’s Bajju staying in the hotel ‘Shudh Shakahari’ (Pure Veg) and PVP has a book called ‘How To Go Vegan’. Good question.

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Fun fact: Bangalore Days was remade in Tamil as Bangalore Naatkal with Rana Dagubatti in it, who apologized to everyone after its release and said, “I wish we had made a beautiful film like this again, but I just loved playing the role of (actor) Fahadh Faasil in the original film.” This was just fun for the makers of Yaariyan 2.

Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: Star Performance

Divya Khosla Kumar is a little better than she was in Satyameva Jayate 2, but if that’s the case, even the CGI frog did better than what DKK did in SJ2. He is still hams and is not natural even one picture.

Yash Daasguptaa, who works mainly in Bengali films and television (Na Aana Is Des Laado) in the big shoes of Fahadh Faasil, cannot even scratch the surface with his acting. His character was worst of all as it was very different in OG, with Fahadh’s character making more connections as the film progressed. In this situation, things just happen.

Meezaan Jafri, who plays Dulquer Salmaan’s Aju, doesn’t go so far as to portray his anger with life and how he turned from pain to good, proving that you need acting skills to do that. Warina Hussain, Priya Prakash Varrier & Anaswara Rajan are there because the original had these characters, and the story could not have ended without them. They are right there.

Yaariyan 2 Review (Image credit: IMDB)

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Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: Action, Music

Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru have given 2 excellent films: Chance: No Time for Love (yes, judge me all you want, but it was not a bad film) and Sanam Teri Kasam (ugh! The magic of Himesh Reshammiya), but with this magic, it disappoints because maybe he had a source of material from which to draw his delightful designs.

The only way to enjoy this movie is to shoot every time you hear the music being played again & you will be very drunk by the end of the movie (Warning: Drinking alcohol is harmful to health, it’s less than damaging to this movie). I stopped counting after four retakes, so many passing songs that it made the film look like a cringey Instagram reel. Oonchi Oonchi Deewarein stands out and will remain on my list for a long time; the best taken from the film.

Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: Final Words

All said and done, the best thing Yaariyan 2 could have done was to avoid release. However, as it is now, I will take this opportunity to apologize to Malayalam cinema for the crime that Bollywood has attempted. I’m sorry, Babu!

One and a half stars!

Yaariyan 2 Trailer

Yaariyan 2 will release on 20 October, 2023.

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