Getty Dallas Cowboys rumors link the team to New England head coach Bill Belichick.

There seems to be no end to the rumors surrounding head coach Mike McCarthy’s job with the Dallas Cowboys. With Bill Belichick facing an uncertain future with the New England Patriots, there is already speculation that owner Jerry Jones could be targeting the star coach.

There have been rumors about the Patriots firing Belichick, but it probably makes more sense for the franchise to try to trade the coach. NFL analyst Gary Myers posted a lengthy Twitter message on November 6, 2023 about Jones’ connection with Belichick.

“This is just speculation on my part. Consequences. If Bill Belichick is out in NE after the season and Robert Kraft tries to trade him (he’s under contract), don’t count out the Cowboys, who can’t win a big game with Mike McCarthy,” Myers noted.

“…Belichick’s problems in New England are all staff related. He didn’t plan for Tom Brady’s departure, didn’t draft well and can’t find a receiver in free agency. The Cowboys have a very good personnel department, and so on [Bill] Packages found out that draft day ties don’t go to the coach.

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“I can’t just hear Belichick say, ‘Yeall,’ in a deep Texas drawl after a tough loss. We’re in Philadelphia.’”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is unlikely to want to pay Bill Belichick’s salary, says insider

All McCarthy has accomplished is post back-to-back 12-win seasons in Dallas. Still, McCarthy’s lone postseason win has led to speculation that Jones could become aggressive if the Cowboys experience another early exit. ESPN’s Ed Werder sees the possibility of Dallas potentially making a trade (and paying Belichick’s salary) as unlikely.

“Interesting speculation, although Mike McCarthy has a 5-3 team that could soon be 8-3,” Werder tweeted on November 6th. “They definitely need playoff wins.”

“Two other problems come to mind: Jerry Jones rarely, if ever, believed in paying HC the best he could. He’s also understandably in love with DC Dan Quinn.”

Could Jerry Jones trade Mike McCarthy for Dan Quinn as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?

In recent offseasons, Jones’ public statements have led to speculation about McCarthy’s future. This season, Jones has overwhelmingly praised McCarthy.

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Public support for Jones continued despite disappointing losses in major matchups against the 49ers and Eagles. Could Jones try to promote from within if he were to make a coaching change?

Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine speculated that Jones might opt ​​to name Dan Quinn head coach if the Cowboys struggle in the playoffs. It’s likely that Quinn will be embroiled in NFL rumors again during the offseason coaching carousel.

“There are two main fits for Quinn,” Ballentine explained in his Nov. 9 article titled “9 NFL Coordinators Who Deserve Head Coach Interest and Their Best Fits for Next Season.” “The first would be if the Cowboys fail to live up to expectations again this season and Mike McCarthy gets the axe. It would be a logical decision to promote Quinn as he would provide continuity on defense while adding a new face to lead the offense.”

Cowboys Rumors: Bill Belichick approached Jerry Jones about the coaching job in Dallas in the 1990s

Jones revealed in 2019 that Belichick had approached him about a coaching job in the 1990s. The Cowboys owner praised Belichick during his stellar tenure in New England, where the coach won six Super Bowls.

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“After Bill Belichick was fired by the Cleveland Browns in the mid-90s, he ran into Jerry Jones at a ski resort,” The Athletic’s Jon Machota tweeted on November 9, 2019. “Jones said Bill told the Cowboys owner he “Don’t forget that.” him if he had a vacancy in the future. Jones says he still thinks about it from time to time.”

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