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Southern Charm Season 9, now airing on Bravo, marks the first season since the series premiered without one of its leading ladies, Kathryn Dennis.

Even though Dennis is no longer on the series, she still receives a lot of support from her former co-stars, especially her OG costars Shep Rose and Craig Conover. During a panel discussion at BravoCon 2023, they talked about Dennis and revealed that they filmed season nine with her.

“We actually love Kathryn,” Conover shared. “Shep and I actually filmed with her this year. I don’t think it was supposed to happen, but we did it, and I think they did it to do us a favor because we love them so much.” He said he was confident that the season would include footage, but that “probably won’t be the case.”

“The point of my statement is that we would be happy if she came back,” he added. “I think the door is always open. I think she is working on herself and still has a lot of work to do before she comes back. But I hope she’s okay and I know a lot of people here have had contact with her recently.” In fact, he said Austen Kroll “talks to her as much as he can,” as do others in the cast.

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Conover’s comments came shortly after a car registered in Dennis’ name was involved in a collision at a school. “We love Kathryn,” Conover concluded. “But we just hope that she sees things through.”

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Shep Rose said Kathryn Dennis has shown her entire life on “Southern Charm” since she was 21

Rose also spoke about Dennis’ portrayal during her time on the series. He pointed out that she first appeared on “Southern Charm” when she was just 21 years old. “We’ve all come a long way and seen the bumps, the bruises and all that stuff,” he told the audience at BravoCon.

“And unfortunately Kathryn stumbles sometimes,” he continued. “We love her because there is someone inside her who we know is a good person.”

“She means so well and she wishes more than anything she was here with all of you,” he concluded. “And our goal for next year is for her to come back and see you.”

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A vehicle registered to Kathryn Dennis was involved in an accident in October 2023

A vehicle registered in Dennis’ name was involved in an accident on October 20, People reported at the time. A 2022 Ford SUV struck a school resource officer directing traffic at Whitesville Elementary School in Moncks Corner, South Carolina at 7:18 a.m. The officer received medical attention at the scene and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to Live5News.

Lance Corporal Nick Pye of the South Carolina Highway Patrol told People that the vehicle “was not stopped at the scene.” It was later found at Dennis’ home. Authorities did not say who was behind the wheel of the vehicle, and Dennis did not comment on the incident.

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