A large, sturdy cooler is a must for any party, including tailgates. You need a cold place at all times to keep cold drinks for many thirsty people, or to keep your best burgers and dogs for hungry people. A basic plastic cooler from the grocery store will only store your refreshments for a short period of time, which can seriously affect the longevity of your tailgate. To keep the party going with cool drinks, you need to cool it down a bit.

Ryobi’s Hybrid Power Cooler is a cooling party for the discerning consumer. Powered by an 18V battery, a car adapter, or a traditional charger if available, this amazing chest can maintain any temperature between -4 F to 68 F for 23 hours straight. Plus, the interior has plenty of room to store up to 40 12-ounce cans, so you don’t have to worry about them getting cold in no time.

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