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HGTV stars Chelsea and Cole DeBoer were thrilled to learn that their series “Down Home Fab” had been picked up for a second season before the first had finished airing. The news came in a Feb. 2 Instagram post from the network, which showed DeBoer’s reaction upon learning the news.

“I’m shaking, you don’t understand how much this means to us. I’ve been updating reviews throughout the day because I want to show you that we’re doing a good job. This means so much to us,” Chelsea said at the time.

Now, in a November 8th Instagram post, Chelsea confirmed that filming for season two has officially ended. The new eight-episode series is expected to premiere in early 2024.

“And that concludes filming for the second season of Down Home Fab. 🖤🥹 So much love for these people and we can’t wait for everyone to see it!” Chelsea captioned her post with photos of her and Cole with some members of their production team from the wrap party.

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The “Down Home Fab” production team celebrates the end of filming

Chelsea wasn’t the only one posting about the final filming of Down Home Fab. HGTV designer Mary Tjon Joe Pin, who worked on the new season, shared her own Instagram Reel on November 8 with photos from the production process.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend the last five months with. It’s so hard being away from my family, but all these people made the time fly by. Thank you everyone for the countless hugs, cheers, celebrations, laughter, endless karaoke and everlasting memories!!!!” wrote Tjon Joe Pin in her caption.

Tjon Joe Pin has appeared on several HGTV shows, including as co-host of 2019’s “Going for Sold.” She was also a member of the behind-the-scenes design team on the second season of “Home Town Takeover.”

Production manager Kelly Newton also shared her own post from November 9th. In the caption, Newton already mentioned that he was considering a future third season (which the network has yet to confirm). “Thank you to our amazing talent and crew for making this all possible! We have truly become a film family and I love them all so much. So many great memories were made, with many more to come. They are friends for life. Here’s to Season 3! Skål! 🥂 ♥️ 🖤,” she wrote.

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Chelsea and Cole DeBoer open a retail store

In addition to their Season 2 premiere, Chelsea and Cole’s very first store will open in 2024. Chelsea announced in an October 2023 Instagram post that his store, Down Home by DeBoers, will be coming to Tea, SD in 2024! Down Home is a collection of home accessories, accents and furniture, as well as an exclusive area for Aubree Says! It has always been a dream of ours to have our own store and we are so excited to bring this store to our community and beyond!”

Chelsea’s post included snippets of her journey, from signing the lease on her store to preparing business cards and beginning renovations to the space. Fans can follow updates on Chelsea and Cole’s journey to opening the store on their Instagram page @DownHomeDeBoers.

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