Obviously, between purchase, installation, operating costs, and maintenance, calculating gas and electricity costs is complicated and driven by your circumstances. Here’s an example: If you have a family of four where hot water is used all day (shower, dishwashing, laundry), in the northeast, where gas is cheaper than electricity, then it’s a no-brainer – you should use . a gas-fired water heater, preferably one with a large tank. Your intensive use will overcome the inefficiency of the system.

But if you live alone or with one person, and water usage is easily fixed (or you live in an area where gas lines are not serviced), the efficient use of a tankless water heater can result in less money than a gas water heater would produce under the same conditions. , because you don’t spend hours a day heating water you don’t need.

Ultimately, for most homeowners, electric water heaters will have a lower total cost of ownership than gas units. Reasons people may choose an electric water heater include fear of the safety of natural gas, wanting to use solar energy to heat water, or lack of gas availability.

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