Before you start looking for a refrigerator model, there are a few red signs that you can see on the product page that indicate high energy consumption. The first is “at home” delivery. While ice and water coolers in front of the fridge door were all the rage a decade or so ago, you’ll notice that newer models don’t have them anymore. This is because, although it is simple, this increases the energy consumption by a large amount. According to Energy Star, they often increase energy consumption by 14-20%.

Another thing to look for is Energy Star certification. You’ll see these as blue and white stickers on the fridge itself and on the model page. On average, Energy Star certified refrigerators are about 9% more energy efficient than the federal standard. However, almost any refrigerator can achieve an Energy Star rating, even if it’s not a smart fridge, so it’s not a good indicator of whether or not a smart model will save you money. Instead, what you should be looking for are Star Energy Fastest stickers. These models offer the latest in energy efficiency and other technology and are actually the highest Energy Star ratings.

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The last thing to check is the type of refrigerant. The two refrigerants with the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) are R-600a and R-441A, so try to choose a model that uses one of these.

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