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Best skills to unlock – Warlander

There are a lot of skills in Warlander however there are a few which are considered”the best” and that players should concentrate on unlocking. With just so much accessible XP and resources at the onset of the game, unlocking important skills whenever possible is going to be key to making it to later levels. There is also some strategy to be found in performing miniature boss runs.

Best skills to unlock first

Warlander is filled with skills, and as you can certainly unlock a lot in a run, there are a few you should concentrate on if you’re new. There’s also a plan revolving around the miniature directors that is worth considering if you are struggling to get a great deal of skills.

Augmented Health

Augmented Health will increase your vitality, ensuring Bruce stays alive for longer.

This ability is a passive ability that increases the quantity of wellness Bruce has. This ensures you can survive for more in each battle and usually makes life somewhat simpler.

The Guardian makes Bruce’s shield significantly better by ensuring no damage bleeds through.

While is a long-off purpose, the Guardian is a skill that’s worth chasing. This capacity makes it that Bruce receives no more damage whilst blocking with his defense. At the start of the match, you may take reduced damage once you block, meaning it is nearly always futile to block and you are better off dodging. This capacity is great for the ones that might struggle with timing the dodges.


Dash is exceptional at quickly moving around the field or closing the difference into an enemy.

Dash is just one of those fantastic utility skills that will assist you in many ways. Dash can help you close the gap onto an enemy, add a little space to an enemy, also, to stun or knock armor from an enemy. The good thing is that this ability can be unlocked in Warlander by murdering a specific boss, which means that you won’t have to spend XP on it again, even if you begin a new effort!


Stake is one of those few long-range strikes and is ideal at setting of traps.

Stake, and its lots of upgrades, makes life somewhat simpler in Warlander. Bruce only has a few ranged attacks at his disposal, also Stake is by far one of the better choices. It may be used to explode barrels in a distance, shatter health totems, set off traps, and even knock armor off of enemies. Much like Dash, this you can be unlocked by beating a mini-boss.

Attack Damage

More attack damage is almost always a good alternative. This can help you slice miniature bosses down to dimensions in only moments.

This is just another passive upgrade that significantly enhances your kill-potential. By upgrading the attack damage of Ferguson, you will be able to blitz via a mini-bosses wellness or cut some of the stronger fodder down to size with ease. Look at upgrading this one all 3 times for the best results.

Vampire Vine
Vampire Vine is one of the only ways to cure yourself in Warlander.

Vampire Vine is going to be the main skill in Warlander. There are not many ways to heal in Warlander, so with an ability that makes it possible to recover health is valuable. Vampire Vine sucks the health out of this enemy and gives it to Bruce. This is excellent if you’ve ran from wellness totems and urgently need some wellness.

Miniboss strategy

The miniature boss approach in Warlander is a simple one. Rather than focusing on getting to Morven at the end, focus on clearing as many miniature supervisors as possible. The reason that you want to do this is that each of those mini-bosses you kill rewards you by permanently unlocking one of the abilities on the tree. This makes future campaigns significantly easier as you will already have a slew of skills and abilities unlocked.

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