Heavy/ABC/YouTube spoilers and schedule notes for Bachelor in Paradise emerge.

“Bachelor in Paradise” episode 8 airs on November 16, and spoilers suggest intense interactions are ahead. The Season 9 finale is coming soon, but several new additions are setting the stage for even more chaos.

At the beginning of the eighth episode of BiP, Kat Izzo made it clear that she completely relies on John Henry Spurlock. This leaves Olivia Lewis unattached, but that may not be the case for long.

What’s more, Blake Moynes and Jess Girod have remained a couple, even though they were both gushing with others on the beach. However, that could change once his ex-fiancée comes to the beach.

Here’s what you need to know:

Katie Thurston’s arrival shocks Blake Moynes

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for episode 8 tease a jam-packed show. A preview shared on YouTube shows former Bachelorette Katie Thurston surprising everyone by arriving at the beach.

This arrival surprises Moynes, her former “Bachelorette” fiancé, and certainly leaves Girod feeling insecure. Moynes and Thurston will take some time to chat, but does that change what happens in paradise?

As People shared in August, Thurston took to her Instagram Stories to share some spoilers about what happened during filming. Thurston revealed that the conversation with Moynes was the first time the pair had seen or spoken to each other since breaking off their engagement.

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As the outlet noted, previews have shown that Thurston told host Jesse Palmer she expected Moynes wouldn’t be happy to see her there. Furthermore, Moynes was shown saying: “I don’t think there’s a worse scenario.”

The former “Bachelorette” lead also noted in her now-expired Instagram Stories that she was “NOT invited to graduate with Moynes.” What exactly happens between Thurston and Moynes during that conversation on the beach?

Spoilers from blogger and podcaster Reality Steve shared in an Instagram post that Moynes will decide to leave Paradise sometime before the end of the season. “Blake Moynes will eliminate himself at some point. He wasn’t eliminated at a rose ceremony,” he said.

Rachel Recchia and Olivia Lewis get butterflies

Another ex also appears in episode 8. However, in this case, the previous relationship had just begun. Jordan Vandergriff, who had her first one-on-one date with Rachel Recchia during her Bachelorette season, shows up. As fans will recall, Recchia shocked everyone by eliminating Vandergriff on the first date.

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Recchia will be thrilled to see Vandergriff and the two will spend some time together. At some point they’ll walk down the beach hand in hand, but as excited as they seem to see each other, it seems like nothing is moving forward on that front.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via another YouTube preview indicate that Michael Barbour from Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette season is also coming to the beach. Lewis is instantly smitten, and it seems like practically everyone on the beach except Izzo is dying for her to get a date with him. Is there still enough time for a romance to develop?

The Truth Box returns and the finale date is announced

Bachelor in Paradise previews also suggest that the Truth Box will return in episode 8. This time, someone slips in a note that could blow up the romance that Tyler Norris and Mercedes Northrup have developed.

The note claims that Norris isn’t as into Northrup as she is into him. She’s obviously stunned and hurt to hear this, and the two head off to talk. Spoilers have not revealed the exact outcome of this conversation.

However, Reality Steve spoilers from his Instagram post suggest that Norris will break up with her sometime before filming ends. Another spoiler for Episode 8 from ABC teases: “Chaos breaks out on the beach before the rose ceremony.”

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A Nov. 3 Instagram post on the Bachelor in Paradise page laid out the schedule for the remaining episodes of Season 9. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, no new episode will air on November 23rd. A one-hour episode will air on November 30, which is also the same day as the two-hour finale of The Golden Bachelor.

On December 7th, “Bachelor in Paradise” viewers can expect a three-hour finale that will finally reveal whether lasting relationships developed during this run on the beach.

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