Polestar, in a press release, says that the basic Polestar 4 model emits 19.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to Polestar’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). “The LCAs, which have been published since 2020, take into account several factors in the transport of vehicles,” he explains, “from production to production and recycling, and summarize the climate impact in one common number.”

Polestar says it can lower its carbon footprint by relying on cleaner energy sources to make its cars, such as its factory in Hangzhou Bay, China, which uses solar and electric power, as well as recycled materials to build EVs.

Long-term and affordable, battery charging systems are great for EVs to be attractive in the market and use and are a very important part of the equation. But environmental impact is one of the most important aspects of EVs. That’s almost the whole point of the first episode.

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