Are Modern ‘Gloria’ Sofia Vergara & ‘Claire’ Julie Bowen Friends In Real Life? (Image credit -Imdb)

Modern Family is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. The show took viewers on a journey about three different but close-knit families living in California and touched on many inspiring themes. The actors of the show recently had a famous collaboration that broke the internet, thanks to Sofia Vergara. As the meeting also saw Julie Bowen, who played Claire Dunphy on the show, fans have to wonder if she is still in a relationship with her on-screen mother. Let’s get into Juli and Sofia’s relationship and how close they are to each other.

Apart from the two divas, the 11-season-long sitcom also saw Ty Burrell, Sarah Hyland, Ed O’Neil, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and others. It had a blended family, a same-sex family, an age gap family and a real American family of five. Their daily lives, amazing events and relationships brought smiles to millions of faces.

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Sofia Vergara starred as the lovable and charming Gloria Pritchett on the show. Gloria is married to Jay Pritchett, father of Clair Dunphy, played by Julie Bowen. Throughout the 11 years, Gloria and Claire were in love but they were very much in love. Unlike the mother-step-daughter duo, the two were best friends but showed jealousy from time to time. It makes us wonder if they are close in real life. The answer is yes.

Although you don’t see Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen hanging out often, they have shown signs that they are moms who stick together. Back in 2016, Bowen appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and explained how he faced rumors that he was “cold” to Sofia because he was jealous of her fame. In the funniest way, Julie revealed that she had the same conversation with Sofia and asked her what she should say the night before. The America’s Got Talent judge just asked Julie to borrow her purple blouse and the latter wore it on the show. This was a great example of their close relationship.

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Sofia Vergara also said that despite their different interests, she and Julie Bowen have always been close. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, after filming the final season of Modern Family, the two planned to meet with a few other cast members. Their social media profiles are full of pictures of them together, and there is no doubt that they are close, even though they don’t see each other very often.

Well, there is no doubt that the whole group agreed.

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