The whole reason third-party manufacturers can charge so much less for their power packs compared to their name brands is that they usually only do quality and safety tests. The outside of a knockoff power tool battery may look professional, but on the inside, the wires holding everything together often have too many components that won’t rate well for this type of power.

In terms of energy flow, rechargeable batteries often use low-cost lithium-ion cells to store their energy. These cells may not store energy properly, and without the rigorous safety testing that accompanies brand-name battery packs, you won’t know until you plug it in. power and time to use, or, more importantly, to increase your equipment. More devices can run faster than they are protected, which can burn them out faster and put your security at risk.

There is also the ever-present concern of increased power and flexibility. Although name brand batteries do not have this problem, they often have a safety feature that automatically cuts off the power to keep you and your equipment safe. Knock-down batteries may lack these protections, which can lead to dangerous situations, including battery fires.

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Brand-name batteries can be expensive, but if nothing else, consider the price a guarantee of safety and quality, something you won’t find with knockoffs.

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