‘Anupamaa’s ‘Guru Maa’ Apara Mehta Says “It’s A Tough Life Being On TV” (Caption – YouTube)

Many times, we have seen TV actors complaining about spending a long time on the set of the show. Not only that, while many have criticized the athletes of the unbearable protests, others have abandoned their list, citing other reasons for the conflict. A while back, Smriti Irani had opened up about the long working hours and irrational demands of the producers while working on television. Now in a recent interview, Apara Mehta has agreed with Irani’s statement about returning to the sets of ‘Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ soon after her miscarriage.

For the unknown, in an interview, the actor-turned-politician said that as the job was tough, he had to return after a few hours after having a miscarriage and giving birth to children Zohr and Zoish Irani.

In a recent interview, Apara Mehta, who is currently seen as Guru Maa in Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa, opened up about the challenges of working on television. He told Hindustan Times, “There is a need for dedication in this work, but you also go through something, so it’s a tough life to be on TV. The whole chain goes up like this, so you can’t blame one person – the actors, the theater, or the producers, because it’s a very long chain.” and a bad circle. Scripts and storylines have to be considered, and if something doesn’t work then it has to be changed, then you have to stop and send the television show.”

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Later, when he spoke about Smriti Irani’s statement about returning to work after a miscarriage, Apara Mehta told the newspaper that he was aware of the matter but by the time this happened, his character had already died on the show. But he confirmed, “Use aana bhi pada hoga and karna bhi pada hoga.”

Not only that, Apara Mehta also revealed that Smriti Irani was shooting till the previous day for her eldest son Zohr’s birthday and came back on the fourth day to shoot. Adding that even after her daughter Zoish was born, she returned to work.

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