Now, Amazon hasn’t officially mentioned any plans to move away from Android, but a recent report citing internal details and job listings suggests that the company has been developing a Linux operating system called Vega OS for a while. It may not stray too far from its Javascript roots, but it says it will run on a number of Amazon devices, especially those under the Fire TV model.

SlashGear was unable to check if the new OS v1.1 update was actually based on Linux or still on the Android kernel. In addition, it seems that there is no significant change in the user experience after the change – but it is not unexpected. When Google started replacing the Linux-based Cast OS with the new Fuschia OS on the Nest Hub smart display back in 2021, there was no change in the user interface. There were a few speed bumps in the performance such as wireless casting, but nothing that users could feel was different.

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Amazon says it will put Vega OS on everything from smart home devices to automotive devices. It’s obvious why Amazon would want full control over the ecosystem of all the devices under its belt. However, Vega OS could also be a way for the company to show more ads and attract more device manufacturers.

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