True to its name, the Uber Home Automation project automates your entire home. It started as a simple pet monitor designed to alert users via email whenever their dog barks. However, it turned into a great smart home project. The system has several sensors:

  • Photo resistor (light sensor): Determines whether the light bulb is on or off.
  • PIR sensor: Detects movement events within certain ranges.
  • MQ2 smoke/gas: Alerts the user if smoke or gas is detected.
  • Fire sensor: Detects the presence of fire.
  • Water detection: Feels water coming out of the washroom.
  • Voice sensor: Captures voice signals, detecting sounds like a dog barking (functions as a pet monitor) or washer and dryer tones (functions as a washer and dryer warning system).
  • DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor: Monitors the current temperature and humidity level, useful for detecting faults in the HVAC system.
  • GPS module: Shows the location of your pets on Google Maps and sends notifications when they leave the vicinity.
  • Reed-switch sensor: Determines the status (open or closed) of any door, window, drawer, or mailbox.
  • Ultrasonic sensor: It measures the distance to the garage door to determine if it is open or closed.
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The Arduino microcontroller is at the heart of the project, where all the sensors are connected. The Raspberry Pi is in charge of analyzing the data, sending notifications to the user based on the received signal, and controlling the phone interface that displays the sensor information.

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