Google Play Books is another easy way to fill your digital shelves with paid and free ebooks. The software is great, making it easy to store and organize your digital library by genre, series, or anything else. Once you’ve purchased a book, it stays with your account forever, giving you access to it on any of your devices. The app also has a large library of free ebooks that anyone can access with their Google account.

It may take a bit of browsing and filtering in their store, but Google Play Books has over 10 million free ebooks available for download. There is no cost or registration fee. Users can browse lists and select the ones they want to appear in their Google Library.

Many free themes are public works that do not have copyright laws. This collection includes classics and timeless favorites such as the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, free gifts don’t stop at the past. Google Play Books also displays a large list of current works that have been submitted by authors or requested to be made public.

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From famous New York Times best-selling authors to creative writers, Google Play Books has something for everyone. You can also take advantage of their occasional promotions, where you can pick up modern titles for a steal or even for free.

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