Special Halloween Movies & Shows: 6 Spook-tacular Projects From ‘The Lodge’ to ‘The House of Night’ You Must See…(Photo Credit -Imdb)

Halloween – a time when we all reminisce about our childhood trick-or-treating and daring haunted houses with scary jumps. But what do you think? We are done being a help seeker for a help provider. It’s insulting, isn’t it?

In order not to forget about the end of aging, I have a wonderful plan. I recommend a bunch of movies and TV shows that will put you in the mood for Halloween. And who knows, you might even find inspiration to scare those naughty kids into good Halloween behavior. Time to turn the tables!

1. Sacrifice

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Director Oliver Park delves into the Jewish myth of Abyzou, a female demon. Ironically, this dark legend finds a haunting home in a Hasidic funeral home in Brooklyn. “Delivery” may not be cinematic masterpieces, but it’s very difficult. This film does exactly what it sets out to do – it entertains.

This movie takes us on a very intense journey, reminiscent of horror movies from the late 2000s and early 2010s. It makes me eager to see what this filmmaker has in store for the future. Although the plot follows a familiar path, its exploration of faith and religious traditions adds chills and jump-scares. What sets this shockwave apart is its nature. It’s an interesting tale that unfolds in a crowded genre.

2. List of Disasters

Where to Watch: Netflix

With three seasons based on Lemony Snicket’s children’s book series, “A Series of Tragedy Events” takes us into the lives of three young brothers whose world is shattered when their parents experience an unexpected loss in a mysterious fire. The Baudelaire children are thrust into the hands of a mysterious and evil man known as Count Olaf, who has sinister plans to steal their inheritance.

This series may not be associated with the supernatural, but its calm atmosphere and mysterious nature perfectly match the mood of the fall season. Although it has its share of dark moments, it doesn’t go into the realm of real horror, considering that the people it targets are children. However, adults are attracted to this story, which makes the family a great watch. You can catch “Sad Events” on Netflix.

What makes this show so popular is its depiction of a world filled with bureaucrats, dishonest media, indifferent officials, and a tireless bully who is irrationally self-aggrandizing. It’s incredibly uplifting – staying true to the literature that blends the darkness.

At their core, these stories tell a sad story of death, grief, and injustice that grows every year. However, it transforms this poignant truth into compelling entertainment thanks to the passion and skill of its story tellers.

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In its final season, the story takes a deep look at the motives and moments of mercy for some of the villains, but kids never forget that bad people are bad for a reason. This series has a sad and inspiring story, which leaves an unforgettable history with its many stories.

3. House of Night

Where to Watch: Disney+

In a haunted house on the beach in upstate New York, a grieving widow, portrayed by the incomparable Rebecca Hall, has a back-to-back with her dead husband. What follows is a shocking picture of her marriage, revealing her true self in ways she could never have imagined.

This film, directed by rising horror writer David Bruckner, is a horror ensemble that will take your breath away. With a captivating video and chilling moments, it pulls you in, only to deliver spine-tingling twists at the end. Although Rebecca Hall’s performance shines, she may not fully benefit from the film’s crisis.

When horror movies try to be overly clever, they often struggle with the tension between creating the horror and delivering a plot that is supposedly clever. The first half hour of the film is a fun ride, offering a fresh take on a horror genre that is often plagued by cliches. In a genre where most movies look like nothing, this one looks like a horror movie.

But what sets it apart is how it manages to combine clever storytelling with dramatic moments. The ending may not be for everyone, but it adds a depth to the film that keeps you thinking long after the beat. As someone who loves horror movies, I found this to be a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t just a terrible shake of the mill; brought something new to the table.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I convinced my boyfriend, a self-proclaimed horror fan, to watch it with me after I watched it by myself. I was surprised to see that he loved it as much as I did. It’s the little details and details that you might not have missed on your first watch that make this movie so interesting. This movie redefines what a horror movie can be and is a must see for anyone looking for a new and scary movie.

4. Spirits

Where to Watch: Prime Video

CBS’ “Ghosts” draws inspiration from the beloved BBC show of the same name, following a young family who unknowingly live in a house full of ghosts from different eras. Following the near-death experience, Sam gets a chance to see the inhabitants of these places, and must overcome the challenges of living together in harmony.

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For those looking for the ultimate heartbreak, “Ghosts” is the perfect watch. The show leans more into humor than horror, as the ghosts slowly welcome Sam and Jay into their unhappy family. Devoted fans may also want to check out the original BBC version, which is preparing for its fifth and final season.

Meanwhile, “Ghosts” is available for viewing on Paramount+, offering an American take on the beloved British concept. The CBS series brings its own charm to the table, even if it sometimes stumbles into other American sitcom problems. However, when it reaches its peak, it shines brightly.

The drama seems to be fun and easy to digest, with Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar carrying most of the acting. While it may not be without its flaws, nothing is so important that it destroys a relationship. However, it is important to note that “Spirits” cannot be interested in “good bones” forever.

In contrast, the original UK version thrives on magical exchanges between ghosts, visuals and verbal humour, qualities that are not prominent in this American adaptation. It tries to capture the spirit of the original, but some of its essence is lost in translation.

However, “Ghosts” can hold new ideas, breathing new life into an old idea. As long as the script retains its power, it has the power to endure and entertain for seasons to come, avoiding the terrible sophomore slump that plagues so many shows.

5. Accommodation

Where to Watch: Netflix

“The Lodge” is a charming, snow-free piece that unfolds the story of a winter vacation inside a cabin, where two children find themselves with their father’s new girlfriend, Grace, portrayed by Riley Keough. Directed by the Austrian duo Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, the film is a kind of physical exercise that slowly tightens the bonds, building up the tension as a constant chaos.

Riley Keough’s performance in “The Lodge” is amazing. It’s so powerful, so compelling, that as viewers, we’re willing to follow his character through whatever twists and turns the story takes. As the plot unfolds and Grace’s fate is revealed, her seductive image keeps us engaged, keeping us invested in every outcome.

The film is well directed, immersing the audience in a purgatorial experience along with the protagonists. “The Lodge” does not feel compelled to provide answers to all the questions they ask, and that is acceptable. Its power lies in its ability to evoke strong emotions, and the lasting impressions it leaves are more lasting than mere descriptions. This is a cinematic journey you won’t easily forget.

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Franz and Fiala, with their direction, successfully manage the sense of horror often associated with Kubrick, albeit to a lesser degree. The result is a film that stands on its own, offering a uniquely satisfying skin-crawling quality.

What makes “The Lodge” stand out is its unique character. The cinematography by Thimios Bakatakis adds some of the visuals, giving the film an unsettling quality. The claustrophobic design adds to the atmosphere and heightens the tension throughout the story.

At its heart, “The Lodge” is aided by Riley Keough’s brilliant performance, which elevates the film to an atmospheric horror that is both intriguing and unsettling in equal measure.

6. Evicting Hill House

Where to Watch: Netflix

In a modern take on Shirley Jackson’s classic novel, we look at the lives of siblings who spent their formative years in what would later become the worst house in the country. Now, adults, a family tragedy brings them together again, forcing long-standing conflicts and lingering memories of the past. These features are not confined to the core of memory; some may still encounter the dark corridors of Hill House.

An ensemble cast, boasting talent such as Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, Carla Gugino, and Henry Thomas, bring life to this exciting story. The series was created by Mike Flanagan, a master of the horror genre who skillfully weaves fear and emotion.

“The Haunting of Hill House” offers you an unsettling experience that will thrill you unexpectedly, especially in its well-paced middle section. It ups the ante for episodic horror, not just following the previous adaptations but proving that the series can be emotionally challenging and consistently terrifying. The dramatic growth, complex relationships, and scenes played out are amazing.

However, on the inside, this change seems to be taking away the feminism that defined Jackson’s early work, a quality that left an indelible mark on her legend.

And to round off the list, we come to the scary number associated with the devil. It’s a great way to satisfy our Halloween mood. What more could you ask for?

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