If you’re looking for something to use with something more powerful than a digital audio system, another great iOS app to check out is Roland Zenbeats. The software comes from another well-known Japanese electronics company – Roland – whose famous TR-808 machine can be heard on tracks by Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, and the Beastie Boys.

Roland Zenbeats includes patches for the 808’s wide range of styles and many of their other popular drum kits, including the TR-909. What’s more, the app has access to Roland’s massive library of over 14,000 tracks and an extensive list of samples and loops. Additionally, features like the ZC1 virtual synthesizer and LoopBuilder let you import beats and create your own loops.

While these features make Roland Zenbeats an attractive download for anyone looking to experiment with a variety of sounds, many of the sample packs and presets either require an in-app store purchase, a one-time iOS activation fee of $14.99, or a subscription to Roland Cloud, which starts at $2.99 ​​per month.

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However, even a free download of Roland Zenbeats from the App Store gives you access to an app that can act as a well-designed studio right from your mobile phone. What’s more, Roland’s compatibility options are stronger than its competitors, with the same desktop software options as well as compatible Android apps. If you work with other musicians or band members to create your own music, Roland Zenbeats can be a great option.

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