JFrog Connect is another remote control software that provides a useful solution for remote control of Raspberry Pi and other Linux devices, but this software works best with industrial projects or other large projects with Raspberry Pi fleets.

Connecting a Raspberry Pi to JFrog Connect is quick, requiring a simple hardware command. The integration takes less than 60 seconds. Once connected, users gain full control over the device’s software, including remote SSH access, sending OTA updates, executing BASH commands, and managing devices and services. JFrog Connect manages the use of multiple devices in the production process, ensuring that it is secure and controlled by the user. This is especially useful for enterprise IoT projects, where maintaining the stability of applications and solving problems remotely is important.

Compared to traditional methods such as port forwarding and remote desktop connections, JFrog Connect provides a complete solution that eliminates security risks, network connectivity issues, and the need for advanced add-on services. The remote access tools provided by JFrog Connect cover features such as remote control, access, and command. JFrog Connect subscriptions start at $99 per month for ten devices and four users.

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