If you want to use a more advanced method of editing your project, or if you value your project too much to test, you should look into a review program. There are several available online. One that is easy to use and has a good reputation is called JScreenFix. JScreenFix is ​​an online tool that creates a solid black screen with small squares of bright colors that you can move around with your mouse. Placing a square on your sticky pixel allows the area to open the pixels below where the square is placed, one subpixel at a time. A quick stimulation of the flexible subpixels can work to loosen the water crystal in the pixel, curing the problem in 10 minutes or so.

There are other online tools and software (both paid and free) that can help with fixed pixels, such as Pixel Doctor Pro and PixelHealer. They all work in the same way, by increasing the pixels in question until they reset themselves. If the software can’t fix the problem after 20 minutes, it probably won’t fix it.

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