Over the course of your time as a hobbyist, you’ll gradually collect small parts, including screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. These small parts have a tendency to hide under your box whenever you need them, which is very annoying. Instead of haphazardly tossing small items in your toolbox, give them a little home on your wall.

Ryobi’s Wall Small Parts Organizer is a wall-mounted shelf with six sleek, compact, well-sized bins for whatever parts you have lying around. With a few touches, each bin pops out, allowing you to reach in and grab what you need.

The four small bins and two large bins have adjustable dividers, allowing you to set your preferences for smaller or smaller bins for larger or larger bins. The whole mount is rated to hold 60 pounds, so even if you have a lot of metal gear, it can handle it.

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