Whether you’re building a shelf or demolishing something, creating an organized space is very important. After all, if your shelf is not full, everything you put on it will fall by the wayside. In most cases, this is achieved through a level device, which is just a few air bubbles suspended in water on a large control object. It is very low and may not always be accurate. If you want a true level, you need laser precision, really.

Ryobi’s Compact Laser Level has the usual foam, but that’s not the crux of the device. The actual display is a 20-foot red laser line, pointing straight up outside for a clear display on the surface. Whether you’re building a shelf or installing it, the Laser Level will show you exactly where the level is. Using Ryobi’s Air Grip technology, you can attach the laser level to any smooth, flat surface, whether it’s a wall or ceiling. The Compact Laser Level is available at Home Depot for $36.97.

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