Unfortunately, the results of Facebook’s algorithms go beyond “not being happy enough.” Comparing your life to everyone else you know, arguing with people about politics and social issues, exercising and being bullied, receiving negative comments, not getting enough comments, reading sad news – almost every day – life. day is full of these types of interactions, it’s no wonder it can affect your mental health.

There is no shortage of studies and research on this topic. In both young and old, social media envy is associated with anxiety and depression. Facebook content shows you what the perfect life looks like – the lavish lives of the rich, the fake lives of creatives, and the attempts of people you know to emulate them. Not having what you want, not looking the way you want, feeling inferior to others, feeling ashamed that you didn’t do well – these negative feelings are not easy to turn off. It affects your ability to enjoy what you have and your ability to go out and create more for yourself.

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For some people, things can be very difficult. They need medication to help them deal with depression, and if they don’t get or can’t get the treatment they need, their quality of life can be drastically reduced. In severe cases, suicide is also possible. Of course, if you think that Facebook is causing you this much stress, you should stop immediately.

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