Our next step is to capture and edit manually on your iPhone.

Slide your finger over the screen while clicking a photo or recording a video and hit the flash icon. You will see three options: Auto, On, and Flash Off. While Auto allows the camera to decide whether it needs to flash, Flash Off disables it. However, if you want more light in the picture, select On from the available options.

While your iPhone’s flash is useful for subjects close to you, it won’t work if you’re photographing a scene. For this and others when the lesson is well lit, you can enable your iPhone a Night mode.

Basically, Night Mode slows down the shutter speed, allowing the image sensor to capture more light, after all, the experience is to click a clear photo, even in the dark. You can use Night Mode for taking pictures of the sky.

To turn on Night Mode, swipe up on the screen and select the moon-shaped icon. Next, select the shutter speed from the available options, which include Auto (allowing the phone to choose a longer shutter speed) or Max (which varies depending on the darkness).

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