The GESIPOR Bathroom LED Mirror features LED lights that run through the frame, and this 36 x 28-inch model is listed on Amazon for $229. The mirror is also available in larger and vertical sizes, and reflective and reflective options are available. Although this smart glass does not have Wi-Fi, you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth to unlock other features.

The digital display in the center shows the calendar, temperature, and time, while there are six buttons below to control several functions. The light button allows you to turn the LED lights on and off and you can long press to change the color temperature between warm and daylight. You can also change the brightness of the lights. The other buttons are for defogging, Bluetooth, and display control.

The GESIPOR glass has a wireless speaker, and apart from listening to music, you can also use it to answer calls from your paired mobile phone. A Bluetooth remote control is also provided, which can be mounted on the wall for easy control. One common complaint about GESIPOR smart glass is that the digital display is too bright, and some customers have trouble figuring out how to turn it off. In addition, it seems that the Bluetooth speaker is weak and lacks bass.

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