Similar to the Retrol V-twin engine is the H08 Hoglet Engine kit, which retails for $649.99. This machine is a V-twin four-stroke engine based on Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 100 years ago. This car has the same dimensions as the previous kit but starts using a starter motor instead of a drill or starter cable. It is made of aluminum alloy, copper, and stainless steel and comes with a 150-millimeter x 120-millimeter x 30-millimeter wooden base.

Users must provide the three AA batteries needed to power the ignition, as well as 95-octane gasoline and engine oil.

Seb from Bochum, Delaware, gave the kit five stars and wrote, “The engine is well made. Easy to start, and runs very well. Like all mini V2 engines, unfortunately you can’t reach high idle due to the light weight. crankshaft/flywheel.”

AKR46 from Tosu, Japan, gave the equipment four stars and had some additional advice for prospective buyers, writing: “For the engine to run smoothly, it is important to pour enough oil into the moving parts. When I started, I cleaned the inside of the carburetor, and it started working.”

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