A Bubble Level is similar to an old-fashioned meter, which usually has a slightly curved glass tube filled with liquid, often designed for easy viewing. As you tilt your device, the foam inside the tube moves away from the center, showing the top side. In addition, the program includes a bull’s-eye meter, which is a circular gauge on the ground with water enclosed under a transparent glass. This tool helps to coordinate the surface of the plane, which makes it very useful for a variety of tasks.

You can use all four sides of your phone to measure the level or height of an item. This versatility makes it a great companion for a number of things, from making sure your decor is on point to helping you install professional tools. If you are a construction worker, carpenter, photographer, or camper and trailer owner, you will benefit greatly from this program.

This app uses the sensors inside your device to get accurate readings. To be able to control it, just put the screen of your device up to the full height, like a basement, and follow the adjustment process. However, most phones come with camera bumps, so a cover that protrudes from the back or sides is recommended. It is available for free on the Google Play Store, but it has ads. There is a Pro version available for $7.99.

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