Everyone likes to take their furry friends for a walk on Sundays, roll up the back windows and let them flick their tongues in the wind. However, as much fun as it is to bring a pet with you, doing so can leave a mess. Sharp tongues mean lots of droppings flying everywhere, and that’s on top of the furry container that accompanies your pet. Cleaning pet hair out of your car can be a hassle, so whenever you want to bring your pet in, make sure you do a pet inspection first.

Tesla’s Model S/3/Y Pet Liner is a hammock-style safety system designed for the second row of Tesla seats. The coat is tough and waterproof, which makes the legs muddy, sweaty, and hairy. Don’t worry about discomfort, though — the liner is made of breathable fleece, with plush and sturdy sides, so your pet can move comfortably without getting in the way.

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