The price of a Matchbox car usually comes down to a number of factors: the condition of the car, whether you have the original box it came in, the year it was made, and any other features that may show (eg, modified models, factory defects, color. differences, low mileage, etc. .).

In 1966, Lensey released the 230 SL Mercedes-Benz (series 27d) with a white body and red interior. This was changed to a white Superfast edition (again with red seats) in 1970. The following year (1971), it came out with a yellow body (keeping the red seats), but later that year it changed to a black interior. Again, these cars in and of themselves are not important.

But there is a secret to the apple-green body and red inside. Incidentally, this model is not listed on any Matchbox model range of released cars, and even the scale is disputed, with some saying it’s 1:60 and others 1:75. Almost nothing else is known about it, including how it happened or how many were released. It existed as a 1967 prototype or an earlier model.

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What is known is that in 1999, it was sold for $6,765 and has not been seen in public since then.

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