Using Raspberry Pi to create bots for social media programs such as X, formerly known as Twitter, and Twitch is a simple project that can provide useful information for those who need to use social media accounts, but do not have time to do it. all hours of the day. With Raspberry Pi, you can create smart, simple bots to do the grunt work for you. First, you’ll need to sign in to your app account on X to get your API key, or get an OAuth key if you’re creating your own app bot like Twitch.

From there, you need to install Python, a popular program used to create websites, applications and applications, among other things. From there, you’ll just need to install Tweepy if you’re building your own X bot, then write it (the basic documentation is available online) and run your bot with what you need. Although bots, by nature, are designed to perform limited tasks, you may still want to monitor your bot if your script needs to be fine-tuned.

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