DIY projects often require the use of a power drill, so it’s always a good starting point for any collection. Ryobi has a cordless drill that will instantly help you with your household chores. The drill along with the charger and battery will cost you $79 from Home Depot. It’s part of the ONE+ line mentioned above, so you can drop the price down to $59 if you have an 18V battery lying around.

As for how it fares among consumers, this drill has a 4.9/5 rating based on over 100 reviews on Home Depot’s website. There are many features here that help the Ryobi drill stand out from the competition. You get an LED light that allows you to see the work area. There are also two types of speed change where the first goes up to 450 RPM (changes per minute) and the second goes up to 1,750 RPM. This will help you be flexible depending on the project you are working on. Whether you’re woodworking, simply tightening screws, or hanging a shelf – you’re sure to get a lot of work out of a Ryobi drill.

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