Apart from safety measures, you should also be careful while playing. For gamers, this also means making sure you’re taking advantage of the platform’s privacy settings. For example, on OBS, you can use game recording instead of recording, which shows a black screen when you are not playing.

With this, you can avoid revealing any open tabs on your screen, which may contain your personal information. Once you are there, you should disable any notifications to prevent your messages from appearing on the screen.

If you’re the type of person to stream outdoors or in public, you may want to slow down the streams as well. When you have stalkers, you can avoid revealing your real location in public places.

Recently, there has also been a rise in AI fraud using voice and facial recognition technology, which malicious actors can use to steal your identity. With your profile, bad actors can promote products, services, or campaigns without your permission, resulting in broken businesses that require commitment. In addition, it may cause fans to support illegal or illegal activities, which you did not agree to promote.

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Not to mention, it can be used for other inappropriate types of images, such as pornographic images. If you find yourself the victim of an AI-assisted hack, there are things you can do to protect yourself, such as filing takedown requests and seeking help from record companies.

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