The GLC 63 SE Performance is not surprising in the opinion of Mercedes products. When the automaker unveiled the C 63 SE Performance version of the C-Class sedan, it was suggested that the related GLC would get the same power. But this makes the car a lot more fun.

The C 63 also lost the V8 engine in the switch to plug-in hybrid propulsion, but it always had one. Several different engines have been used in different generations of the AMG C-Class, as have rivals from BMW and Audi. In its short existence, however, the GLC 63 was only equipped with a V8, and this made it unique.

There’s never been a V8-powered BMW X3 M, and Audi doesn’t even make a hardcore RS version of its Q5. So the outgoing GLC 63 was truly something special. As with many new cars, the new GLC 63 aims to prove that technology can also be unique.

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