For example, the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV takes on the Ultium for its electric drivetrain. It will deliver 320 miles per charge, Chevy says, and squeeze up to 557 horsepower from its two-wheel drive configuration. The 2024 Equinox EV compact will be affordable, with a 250-mile range now.

At Buick, meanwhile, the Electra E5 will replace the Ultium in the five-seat SUV segment. The Chinese target — without the US launch being discussed — will have a range of 339 miles, the automaker says. Although the car was tested at the CLTC test, rather than the US EPA.

Without knowing the dimensions, it’s hard to say how the Cadillac Optiq will fare on the road against Chevrolets or Buicks. The Lyriq’s starting price of $58,590 (plus destination) — about the same as the Blazer EV — suggests the 2024 Optiq could be in the $40K bracket. This will likely be more expensive than the Equinox EV, which is expected to start at $30K, but will likely be a fully equipped vehicle.

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We’ll find out more about the 2024 model, Cadillac’s promises, and the most important prices.

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