Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Recently Shared a Photo of Noya Dan (Image Credits: Facebook, Twitter & IMDB)

Right now the world is witnessing a terrible war as the terrorist group Hamas wreaks havoc in Israel, and the brutality of their attacks only makes us pray that it will end soon. Regardless of which side of this war one chooses, everyone agrees that children and the elderly should be kept away from fire. But this is not happening in Israel. In the latest twist, and one of the most heartbreaking, a 12-year-old autistic Harry Potter fan has been killed by criminals.

Noya Dan, a 12-year-old Israeli girl, is said to have been kidnapped by her 80-year-old grandmother on October 7, the day of the attack. Her family’s troubles reached the world when Harry Potter author JK Rowling condemned her kidnapping and children like her, calling it absurd. His relatives were still hoping that he was kidnapped and not killed.

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But prayers are not always heard because now it has been confirmed that Noya Dan and his Grandfather have all been killed by the terrorist group Hamas who have taken them as prisoners. The Harry Potter fandom and netizens are mourning the death of a vain soul who should have lived. Read on to find out everything you need to know about it.

According to the Daily Mail, Noya Dan’s family has confirmed that all these bodies were discovered on social media sites. Their deaths were later confirmed by Israel’s Foreign Minister, saying Hamas weapons had killed them. Some reports say that Noya and his grandfather were burned. Three other members of Dani’s family are still missing.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling shared a photo of Noya Dan two days ago in which she was dressed as Hermione Granger. He wrote: “Stealing children is disgusting and unjustified.” For obvious reasons, this image has come to me. May Noya and all those captured by Hamas be returned soon, peacefully, to their families. “

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Kidnapping is disgusting and unjustified. For obvious reasons, this image has come to me. May Noya and all those captured by Hamas be returned soon, safely, to their families. https://t.co/YIbf3egib4

— JK Rowling (@jk_rowling) October 16, 2023

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