Xbox didn’t do well in Japan, but not because of trying. When Microsoft released the Xbox 360, the company partnered with a number of Japanese studios, including the recently-formed Mistwalker, to appeal to the public. Unfortunately, the game didn’t support external consoles, although most of them were very good. If you can say the same about their limited consoles.

Mistwalker’s first game for Xbox was “Blue Dragon,” which was created by an excellent team of developers. “Final Fantasy” creator and creator of Mistwalker, Hironobu Sakaguchi, conceived and wrote the game. In addition, Nobuo Uematsu, another hero of “Final Fantasy” created the music, while Akira Toriyama, who was best known for his work on the “Dragon Quest” series, managed the art of the game. The last time these creative giants teamed up, they created the SNES classic “Chrono Trigger,” so expectations were high. “Blue Dragon” was good, but Microsoft didn’t give the same love to its smaller console.

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The limited edition Xbox 360 “Blue Dragon” stands apart from the popular 360 with a face featuring the Blue Dragon game, which can be seen on Consolevariations. Microsoft apparently hadn’t mastered the art of printing graphics on Xbox shells yet, and the faceplate was ugly even by mid-2000s standards. Blue Dragon’s face is over-shot to the point where it can take over the front, leaving the result looking like a mass-produced product and the product of an amateur console. The creature didn’t look like Toriyama drew it, which is about as harsh a criticism as you can get.

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