Many people consider fingerprint technology to be lightweight. Our very unique numbers allow us to use countless items as tools, and when manufacturers create very unique tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, they are all designed with the idea that potential customers have similar finger sizes. Although it makes sense, sometimes you have to plan differently.

The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is an input device that only has two large orbs that can still type even without traditional keys. The left dome moves into a series of sections that contain letters, numbers, and keyboard functions like “alt” and “backspace,” and the right dome moves into several modes. To enter the keys, you need to move the left orb into the zone and put the right dome to the color. So, to write “OK,” you have to move the left dome up and the right dome to purple, and then move the left dome and right dome to orange.

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It’s hard to call the orbiTouch a “keyboard” because it doesn’t have any keys, but it’s a prominent part of the ad. However, users are divided because of the power of the device. Some think the orbiTouch is fun to use, if weird, while others are critical because the device requires more shoulder movement than a regular keyboard. Love it or hate it, typing on the orbiTouch isn’t as fast as a QWERTY keyboard, but if you don’t have finger technology, this device is an option.

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